We’re not a “good” agency

Because doing “good” is not good enough.
We simply doing work that’s works, in a sustainable and social way.

Paris 2024, a game changer design


“It’s the symbol of women’s emancipation, and even today we still need to fight. So yes, I love this logo for that.”

Europe 1

Inventing Dark Mode design, and inspire the world


“One reason that Boyer’s (Ecobranding) concept is so enticing is that it doesn’t feel like we’re sacrificing all that much to save what might add up to hours of battery life per charge”

Fast Company

Founding Tissuni and designing the most eco-friendly dress


“It was white, but Tissuni called it the “little green dress,” winking at the sustainability inherent in making one’s own clothes at home.”

The New York Times

Ecobranding design process for all


“Designer tweaks famous logos to use less ink”


Citeo, low carbon brand identity


“Inside One Designer’s Plan to Make Brand Logos More Eco-Friendly”


Ecobranding CMYK Color Guide to use less ink simply


“New colour ranges, new typographic uses, new interfaces… Ecobranding is a movement, a new design philosophy.”