Ecobranding guide for 2022

How to design a sustainable election campaign

Disclaimer ! This guide presents a design process that reduces the carbon impact of campaign communications. To illustrate this principle, we have designed unofficial logos of candidates that are not declared. This is pure political fiction for an ecological reality.

Ink, paper, energy, candidates will have to consume a lot to communicate for all

Design our planet great again !

Today, political brands have a huge global impact

The candidate’s logo, Joe Biden, was one of the most shared logos in the history of Internet, just before the reveal of Google’s new logo and the reveal of Paris 2024 new emblem that we have designed in 2019. This ranking shows the impact of today’s election campaigns in a world of massive social sharing.

One logo for millions of applications

Politic Design

Design choices has a direct impact on resources consumption

Each graphic orientation, each choice of design, colors, typography have a direct impact on the consumption of inks, colors and energy. Adopting the principles of ecomarking for the creation of a graphic identity like a logo that will be reproduced millions of times on paper and screens could save precious resources.

Good impression is print for good

Less is more votes

For green printing don’t use green

Not all colors have the same ecological impact. Some colors consume much more ink than others on standard printers such as « deep green » which will consume twice as much ink as black. In direct tone, the pigments also have a different ecological impact depending on the hue chosen, for example most of the pigments used to create green colors are among the most toxic pigments.

Black interface is green design

Votes for black

Dark mode for light consumption

Interfaces designed on a black background consume much less energy than interfaces on a white background thanks to the new OLED displays. In 2018, we introduced the first « dark mode » interface concept designed to reduce energy consumption. One year later, Google adopted the dark mode interface and Apple followed with all the technology giants to drastically reduce the power consumption of graphical interfaces.

Make type light

Letters for president

Choose Eco-Typo

The choice of typography will have a direct impact on ink and paper consumption because the carbon impact of typography varies according to the design of the letters. It is also important to design or choose a variable font that allows you to considerably reduce server space and energy consumption.

A logo easy to reuse

Recycled communication

Do it Yourself

Today, we are entering in the era of DIY communication, where a simple cardboard packaging can be recycled into a communication support. It’s important to design easily reproducible identities and logos so that everyone can create and share their own communication tools, it will probably be your most important media.

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